The Proud Sons Pt. 1 | Portraits - Winnipeg, MB

These past few weeks have been fairly busy, filled with interviews, sessions, branding ideas and potlucks plus much more, so I apologize for the lack of activity here on the blog. A friend of mine asked me to join in on her studio session with the local band, The Proud Sons, who by the way, are playing on July 4th at the West End Cultural Centre if any of you want to check them out. They are pretttty greeaaat! These shots are from our first session in her studio just roaming around and hanging out. I threw in a few fun outtakes for you too!

It's an 'Old Fashioned' Kinda Day | Personal - Winnipeg, MB.

It's been a dream/goal of mine for a while now to branch out into more lifestyle and food photography, and so I'm happy to say that my wish has finally come true. I paired up with two talented ladies, with the intentions of photographing a delicious fig creation in the making, but unfortunately we couldn't track down a few crucial ingredients on that day and so instead we made a tasty "Old Fashioned'. Being a photographer, I have an especially huge appreciation for light and last Sunday's overcast day provided beautiful beautiful light for us to photograph with. Deciding between B&W and Colour final images for this shoot was particularly hard since the lighting created stunning B&W but yet with the colours of the wood and the warm light, oh boy. The light, the wood, the drinks and the company combined made for a great Sunday!

So here's to an 'Old Fashioned' kind of day and hopefully only the beginning of more food photography posts!

Martha Street | Personal - Winnipeg, MB

Megan Vosters was part of the Youth Outreach Program last fall and after falling in love with all the work they did I followed suit and took part in the program this year. These are some photos from Megan's exhibit last year. It's our exhibit tonight, Thursday, at Martha Street Studios from 5-7. Come for great conversation, cheese & wine and art!

Hope to see you there!

Carly Dow | Portraits - Winnipeg, MB

I've known of Carly Dow for a while now as she is an incredibly talented musician here in Winnipeg - if you haven't had a chance to hear her magical voice, youtube her, she's brilliant - and a little over a month ago we were brought together by a mutual friend. I love collaborations, especially ones where I get to photograph local celebrities, so of course I jumped at the chance to meet and photograph the extroardinary Carly Dow. On an alarmingly cold Saturday, we met up in her studio in the exchange for some shots and a video and then braved the cold for as long we could muster outside. Don't worry, plans for a second shoot are already in the works for the two of us.

PS. The video will follow soon! First ever for BPB!

Spring Time Blues | Winnipeg, MB

This is the beginning of the personal posts. I've fallen into a period of not photographing enough for myself and since it's supposedly spring what better time to head out on more photography walks. Brings me back to my PrairieView days of being sent out on photo walks in -30 weather and having to be inspired/creative. This past Thursday, driving home from my meeting during rush hour, I realized it was way too gorgeous of an evening to not have my camera out so I called up Sara Bennet and we wandered around Wolseley together, cameras in hand. We stopped in for a drink and a bite to eat at the Neighbourhood Bookstore and carried on our way. I feel I spent more time watching where I was walking, careful not to slip on ice or step in giant puddles, than I did looking around for things to photograph. Nevertheless, here are the images from this past Thursday along with a few of my cats because let's face it, cats are the best muses.

Thom Bargen | Winnipeg, MB

Over the past year or so, local coffee shops have been popping up in Winnipeg left and right. Nils Vik, the owner of Parlour on Main St. set something in motion when he opened up shop roughly two years ago. Soon to follow were Cafe Postal in St. Boniface, MAKE on Corydon and now Thom Bargen on Sherbook, all there to bring you a cup of coffee like no other. After following Thom Bargen on Instagram for the past few months I've been anxiously awaiting their opening. Images of coffee, friends, New Years parties, bikes, and an insurmountable amount of wood, the day couldn't come soon enough. The photos tempted and taunted me for months until TODAY. After missing their soft opening on Wednesday, I jumped at the chance to take a trip there this morning. Thom Bargen surpassed all my expectations. Suffice to say, they had me at hello.

The photos speak for themselves at how gorgeous the interior of Thom Bargen is but it doesn't stop there. When you combine a healthy selection of both coffee and tea, scrumptious treats and great staff, you can't go wrong. Nope.

If you have any time of the next few days I HIGHLY suggest you make a quick or long stop at Thom Bargen.

Chelsea | Portraits - Winnipeg, MB.

I tend to lean towards outdoor locations for shoots for the limitless possibilities and gorgeous surroundings, but those days when it's -40 with the windchill it's nice to have a place to escape to. This past Sunday I got together with a friend of mine to play around and experiment. I've worked with Chelsea before on shoots as she is an incredibly talented stylist who also happens to own her own clothing shop, Waisted, so it was a nice treat to have Chelsea in front of the lens this time. It was a surprisingly nice change and a challenge shooting in a small room with a white wall and a medium size window letting in gorgeous light. I couldn't be happier with the results! With soft lighting and Chelsea's jaw-dropping looks there's no way you can go wrong.