Thom Bargen | Winnipeg, MB

Over the past year or so, local coffee shops have been popping up in Winnipeg left and right. Nils Vik, the owner of Parlour on Main St. set something in motion when he opened up shop roughly two years ago. Soon to follow were Cafe Postal in St. Boniface, MAKE on Corydon and now Thom Bargen on Sherbook, all there to bring you a cup of coffee like no other. After following Thom Bargen on Instagram for the past few months I've been anxiously awaiting their opening. Images of coffee, friends, New Years parties, bikes, and an insurmountable amount of wood, the day couldn't come soon enough. The photos tempted and taunted me for months until TODAY. After missing their soft opening on Wednesday, I jumped at the chance to take a trip there this morning. Thom Bargen surpassed all my expectations. Suffice to say, they had me at hello.

The photos speak for themselves at how gorgeous the interior of Thom Bargen is but it doesn't stop there. When you combine a healthy selection of both coffee and tea, scrumptious treats and great staff, you can't go wrong. Nope.

If you have any time of the next few days I HIGHLY suggest you make a quick or long stop at Thom Bargen.