Freshair | Styled Portraits - Winnipeg, MB.

A while back I paired up with the amazing ladies of FRESHAIR Boutique for a styled shoot out at a client's barn. The results were magical! With Renee & Jill killing it in front of the lens and the always talented Christie and Praise styling the shoot you couldn't really go wrong. It was a nice change of scenery to escape the city and incorporate the horses in the shoot. If you haven't already, these images are up at Freshair, go check them out. While you're at it you might as well get your hair did and nails done. Renee, is pretty fantastic nail artist and you can't go wrong with any member of the hair team. Do it. It's Friday. xoxo. L&A-0093L&A-0094L&A-0095L&A-0096L&A-0097L&A-0098storyboard005L&A-0101storyboard007L&A-0102L&A-0103L&A-0104L&A-0105L&A-0106L&A-0107L&A-0108L&A-0109L&A-0110L&A-0111L&A-0113L&A-0114L&A-0115L&A-0116L&A-0117L&A-0118L&A-0119L&A-0120L&A-0121L&A-0122L&A-0123L&A-0124storyboard008L&A-0125L&A-0127