Spring Time Blues | Winnipeg, MB

This is the beginning of the personal posts. I've fallen into a period of not photographing enough for myself and since it's supposedly spring what better time to head out on more photography walks. Brings me back to my PrairieView days of being sent out on photo walks in -30 weather and having to be inspired/creative. This past Thursday, driving home from my meeting during rush hour, I realized it was way too gorgeous of an evening to not have my camera out so I called up Sara Bennet and we wandered around Wolseley together, cameras in hand. We stopped in for a drink and a bite to eat at the Neighbourhood Bookstore and carried on our way. I feel I spent more time watching where I was walking, careful not to slip on ice or step in giant puddles, than I did looking around for things to photograph. Nevertheless, here are the images from this past Thursday along with a few of my cats because let's face it, cats are the best muses.