Maintenance | Personal - Winnipeg, MB.

This past week I was performing hard drive maintenance and going through my old photos and deciding what to keep and what I can let go of. I admit, it's always difficult for me to part with photos. My style is always developing and changing, what I liked then I dislike now and vice versa. Therefore as my eye changes I sometimes go back into old shoots and look through, find some eye candy that I overlooked the first time or re edit an image. I took the plunge though, I successfully cleared off most of what was on my hard drives from when I was in school. It's like a breath of fresh air, weight lifted off my shoulders. I realized just how important these cleanses are for me. When I was moving out of my first apartment, only after living there for a year, I discovered that I had collected so many unnecessary "things ie. junk". This next time around I am going to try for a minimalistic approach.

In sorting through my old photos I came across a few of the my favourite little boy that I looked after while living in Germany.

Watch out ladies, he's going to be a stunner when he's older.