Freshair | Styled Portraits - Winnipeg, MB.

A while back I paired up with the amazing ladies of FRESHAIR Boutique for a styled shoot out at a client's barn. The results were magical! With Renee & Jill killing it in front of the lens and the always talented Christie and Praise styling the shoot you couldn't really go wrong. It was a nice change of scenery to escape the city and incorporate the horses in the shoot. If you haven't already, these images are up at Freshair, go check them out. While you're at it you might as well get your hair did and nails done. Renee, is pretty fantastic nail artist and you can't go wrong with any member of the hair team. Do it. It's Friday. xoxo. L&A-0093L&A-0094L&A-0095L&A-0096L&A-0097L&A-0098storyboard005L&A-0101storyboard007L&A-0102L&A-0103L&A-0104L&A-0105L&A-0106L&A-0107L&A-0108L&A-0109L&A-0110L&A-0111L&A-0113L&A-0114L&A-0115L&A-0116L&A-0117L&A-0118L&A-0119L&A-0120L&A-0121L&A-0122L&A-0123L&A-0124storyboard008L&A-0125L&A-0127

The Proud Sons Pt. 1 | Portraits - Winnipeg, MB

These past few weeks have been fairly busy, filled with interviews, sessions, branding ideas and potlucks plus much more, so I apologize for the lack of activity here on the blog. A friend of mine asked me to join in on her studio session with the local band, The Proud Sons, who by the way, are playing on July 4th at the West End Cultural Centre if any of you want to check them out. They are pretttty greeaaat! These shots are from our first session in her studio just roaming around and hanging out. I threw in a few fun outtakes for you too!

Carly Dow | Portraits - Winnipeg, MB

I've known of Carly Dow for a while now as she is an incredibly talented musician here in Winnipeg - if you haven't had a chance to hear her magical voice, youtube her, she's brilliant - and a little over a month ago we were brought together by a mutual friend. I love collaborations, especially ones where I get to photograph local celebrities, so of course I jumped at the chance to meet and photograph the extroardinary Carly Dow. On an alarmingly cold Saturday, we met up in her studio in the exchange for some shots and a video and then braved the cold for as long we could muster outside. Don't worry, plans for a second shoot are already in the works for the two of us.

PS. The video will follow soon! First ever for BPB!

Chelsea | Portraits - Winnipeg, MB.

I tend to lean towards outdoor locations for shoots for the limitless possibilities and gorgeous surroundings, but those days when it's -40 with the windchill it's nice to have a place to escape to. This past Sunday I got together with a friend of mine to play around and experiment. I've worked with Chelsea before on shoots as she is an incredibly talented stylist who also happens to own her own clothing shop, Waisted, so it was a nice treat to have Chelsea in front of the lens this time. It was a surprisingly nice change and a challenge shooting in a small room with a white wall and a medium size window letting in gorgeous light. I couldn't be happier with the results! With soft lighting and Chelsea's jaw-dropping looks there's no way you can go wrong.

Andrea & Ben | Portraits - Winnipeg, MB.

Last Saturday morning before Christmas, a friend had asked me to photograph her and her boyfriend for their parents. I was absolutely thrilled at the idea and couldn't be happier with the results. They have to be up there with "Most Stunning Couple of the Year" award. This was such a fun shoot! We took a quick trip to Assiniboine Forest early one morning for gorgeous trees and snow, it was perfect!

Osborne Street Scene - Out of the Blue | Winnipeg, MB

I was recently asked to contribute to Out of the Blue's new blog! I will be bringing you Street Scenes from all over Winnipeg. Keep an eye out for my work on the blog! :)
To start things off with a bang I photographed the lovely Melissa Clark in Osborne Village while on her way to purchase light bulbs!
I asked Melissa what her survival tips for winter were because let's face it, living in Winnipeg you NEED some.
1. Good boots are a DEFINITE must!
2. Large amounts of outdoor activities paired with a good cup of hot cocoa. Great way to keep the blood flowing and still enjoy the colder aspects of Winnipeg.
3. Hibernation. It makes summer THAT much better.
For Out of the Blue's new blog visit here!

Grant | Portraits - Winnipeg, MB.

I had been wanting to get together with Grant for months to do a shoot for his portfolio before he moved to Toronto. With packing and tying up all loose ends before he moves we were able to squeeze in a quick shoot just two weeks before he moved. Deciding on a simple street style look/appeal, we then spent the gorgeous afternoon strolling around Wolesely, I had an absolute blast! I would photograph Grant and his amazing bone structure any day!!