Art and The Heart - Palm Springs, CA.

Last October I attended the most amazing workshop with the most amazing people in the most amazing place. At the end of February I'll be returning to California for another workshop where we will be camping out in the desert. Honestly, what could be better? So in honour of that I thought I'd finally share the photos I took at the last workshop. The beginning images are from an "assignment" we had where we had 1 theme, 25 shots consistently and the back of our cameras taped. My boring theme, which seemed brilliant at the start, was light. Have you seen the light that they have in California? That beautiful beautiful pollution. I haven't included all 25 from that series but I've shared a few with you. Early one morning, Amelia, Katie and myself, scaled the side of the mountain to watch the sun rise which was probably the best decision we made. Aside from the fact that there were snake holes all over the mountain. The last few images are from our shoot with Dan O' Day and Samm Blake out in the desert in the evening.

I couldn't be more excited to return to that beautiful place for what's going to be an incredible time.